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Modern Boardroom Essentials

A boardroom or a conference room is a must-have for any business, be it a multinational organization or a smaller company. While you can always have a staff meeting in the cubicles, there’s no guarantee that everyone will hear you, or pay attention to you rather than to their computers. Any business with more than 4-5 employees will need one. In addition to this, if clients make visits to the office, having a modern looking boardroom is a definite way to impress them. A conference room is so much more than a meeting space, it’s where people come together, share ideas, innovate and determine the success or failure of the business. Therefore, here are some ideas on how to transform your meeting room into a truly collaborative space:

A conference table

The conference table is probably the single most important piece of furniture in a boardroom. And its appearance can define the ambiance of the entire room. A contemporary table can transform the entire room into looking ultramodern while generating an innovative and creative atmosphere, which is quite ideal for those intense brainstorming sessions. In addition to a modern look, the table should be functional and flexible. You should pick a size and shape that would fit the area of the conference room. It’s also important to consider power and power access. Especially if you want to include USB charging ports or power access through the table for mobile devices and other equipment.


Most companies are starting to opt for glass walls in order to create a more open atmosphere. While it certainly has its perks in terms of natural lighting and transparency, it also has its cons. A see-through glass wall is an open invitation for distractions. People inside the room can easily be distracted by anything happening outside the room, reducing the overall productivity of the meeting. For example, an employee delivering a presentation inside, will feel more stressed knowing that their coworkers could watching them from outside. Therefore, acrylic table numbers is a great way to make your office more efficient and add more privacy.


Chairs on casters that can swivel are a choice for a business setting, as chair will be moved around often, and people might need to swivel their chairs to look at a screen or a speaker. It’s also important to pick chairs that are comfortable, but not too comfortable as you wouldn’t want your colleagues dozing off in the middle of your next business pitch. It’s always better to have a few extra chairs lined up on one of the walls to avoid wasting time on finding chairs when needed.